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coolestCoder is working at ITCube Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India. He has total experience of 2+ years developing various types of .Net applications, viz. Windows Service, Web Application and at present working on Windows Forms applications. He likes to face challenges while coding and always ready to help others. He would like to see himself as a Technical Architect in near future. His main interests lies in understanding the internal of any program / component / technology.
He loves to read articles related to new topics, for example, Framework 3.5, LINQ, etc.....


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GeneralSending emails from SQL Server 2000 Pin
coolestCoder14-Nov-07 17:48
coolestCoder14-Nov-07 17:48 
There are situations in software projects where we need to send emails from within the database. This is very common for web applications
which needs some technique as "Reminders". We can send mail from sql server in an easy and clean way. Simply set some parameters of a
system stored procedure and you are ready to shoot mails from database.

The name of stored procedure used for this purpose is - xp_smtp_sendmail

Some generally used parameters are -

1. @From Emails from email address
2. @To Comma seperated list of to email address
3. @CC Comma seperated list of CC email address
4. @BCC Comma seperated list of BCC email address
5. @priority The priority of email (HIGH, for example)
6. @Subject Subject of email
7. @Message Text / Body of email
8. @type Whether email is HTML or plain text. For HTML set 'text/html'
9. @attachments Path of any attachements
10. @Server IP address of email server

This post is applicable only for SQL Server 2000.

"A good programmer is someone who looks both ways before crossing a one-way street." -- Doug Linder


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