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The first programming language I learned was Game Maker, I've still got the little blue notebook I used when I was 13 and learned what a variable was and how to code gravity.

I also bought my first red Squire stratocaster guitar when I was 13. The first thing I learned on guitar was the chords to tears in heaven and the second was Eugines trick bag by steve vai.

I've uploaded a video of myself playing guitar at

I tought myself nine different programming languages, the main being C++ and PHP / MySql and my goal is to enjoy what I do and hopefully use my skills to become a professional programmer / rock guitar player.

When I was eight, I memorized the script to the lion king two. I did a similar thing for a high school religious studies exam and memorised a booklet word for word and got full marks. I got accused of cheating but got a qualification anyway.

I suffered a nervous breakdown studying computing at university a few years ago and had to drop out and spent the worst but probably most important part of my life in a psychiatric hospital. However, I'm passionate about computer programming.

I'm also a bit of a philosopher. Just because you can't see puff the magic dragon doesn't mean he isn't there.


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