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I have lived in Southern California my entire life so far. I have been computer programming since I was about 9, starting off with a Timex Sinclair computer, next stop was with a Commodore 64/128, and then finally Wintel based.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Master's of Science in Computer Science.
31 Dec 2008 CodeProject MVP 2009



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GeneralDynamic... but fast: The tale of three monkeys, a wolf and the DynamicMethod and ILGenerator classes Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:19
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:19 
GeneralDigital Meter Control Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:21
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:21 
GeneralAll-in-one printing utility for user controls Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:24
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:24 
GeneralFast mathematical expressions parser Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:26
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:26 
GeneralStar Wars style text scroller Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:28
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 8:28 
GeneralWPF 3D Graphing Library Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:00
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:00 
GeneralHighlighting Items in a WPF ListView Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:02
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:02 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 3 (Data binding) Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:04
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:04 
GeneralDot2WPF - a WPF control for viewing Dot graphs Pin
Paul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:05
professionalPaul Conrad14-Jul-07 11:05 
GeneralTransparent drop shadow in C# (GDI+) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:51
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:51 
GeneralSharpGL: a C# OpenGL class library Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:53
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:53 
GeneralSimple Ontology Support for C# Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:58
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 7:58 
GeneralCompilers demystified - Function pointers in Visual Basic 6.0 Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 8:42
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 8:42 
GeneralUse of the PayPal payment system in ASP.NET Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 8:44
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 8:44 
GeneralWPF Articles I've Read and Liked... Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:32
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:32 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 1 (XAML) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:34
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:34 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 2 (Layout) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:36
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:36 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 3 (Data binding) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:38
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:38 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 4 (Data templates and triggers) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:39
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:39 
GeneralA Guided Tour of WPF – Part 5 (Styles) Pin
Paul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:40
professionalPaul Conrad15-Jul-07 9:40 
GeneralCreating a Skinned User Interface in WPF Pin
Paul Conrad29-Jul-07 4:00
professionalPaul Conrad29-Jul-07 4:00 
GeneralHighlighting Items in a WPF ListView Pin
Paul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:40
professionalPaul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:40 
GeneralDrag and Drop Items in a WPF ListView Pin
Paul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:42
professionalPaul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:42 
GeneralAttaching a Virtual Branch to the Logical Tree in WPF Pin
Paul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:43
professionalPaul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:43 
GeneralSlidingListBox – Animating ListBoxItems in WPF Pin
Paul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:45
professionalPaul Conrad29-Jul-07 8:45 

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