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I have lived in Southern California my entire life so far. I have been computer programming since I was about 9, starting off with a Timex Sinclair computer, next stop was with a Commodore 64/128, and then finally Wintel based.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science and a Master's of Science in Computer Science.
31 Dec 2008 CodeProject MVP 2009



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GeneralA ReportPrinting Framework Pin
Paul Conrad1-Dec-07 16:32
professionalPaul Conrad1-Dec-07 16:32 
GeneralUnderstanding the Visual Tree and Logical Tree in WPF Pin
Paul Conrad1-Dec-07 16:36
professionalPaul Conrad1-Dec-07 16:36 
GeneralCreating a Database-Driven Google Gadget Pin
Paul Conrad24-Dec-07 11:55
professionalPaul Conrad24-Dec-07 11:55 
GeneralRadioListBox: a ListBox with Radio Buttons (.NET Version) Pin
Paul Conrad24-Dec-07 11:57
professionalPaul Conrad24-Dec-07 11:57 
GeneralUnusual but Useful Dialog-based Classes Designed for Specialization Pin
Paul Conrad24-Dec-07 13:56
professionalPaul Conrad24-Dec-07 13:56 
GeneralXNA & Beyond: The Path To VS 2008 Pin
Paul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:19
professionalPaul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:19 
GeneralHow Silverlight and VS2008 Could Revolutionize Web Development Pin
Paul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:22
professionalPaul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:22 
GeneralRe: How Silverlight and VS2008 Could Revolutionize Web Development Pin
Paul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:23
professionalPaul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:23 
GeneralSilverlight Articles of Interest Pin
Paul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:26
professionalPaul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:26 
GeneralRe: Silverlight Articles of Interest - A Textured Triangle Control for Silverlight 2 - the Basic Building Block for 3D Pin
Paul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:27
professionalPaul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:27 
GeneralRe: Silverlight Articles of Interest -CRUD operations in Siverlight using ADO.NET Data Service Pin
Paul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:28
professionalPaul Conrad2-Aug-08 20:28 
GeneralNatural Sort Comparer Pin
Paul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:25
professionalPaul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:25 
GeneralMake Your Application Reversible to Support Undo and Redo Pin
Paul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:27
professionalPaul Conrad29-Dec-07 7:27 
GeneralGoing solo - first steps in building a successful company Pin
Paul Conrad19-Feb-08 11:16
professionalPaul Conrad19-Feb-08 11:16 
GeneralMarching Ants Pin
Paul Conrad26-Jul-08 16:44
professionalPaul Conrad26-Jul-08 16:44 
GeneralTier Generator 1.0 Pin
Paul Conrad26-Jul-08 18:42
professionalPaul Conrad26-Jul-08 18:42 
GeneralLinkify Add-in for Visual Studio Pin
Paul Conrad2-Aug-08 19:29
professionalPaul Conrad2-Aug-08 19:29 
GeneralYour first ASP.NET Custom Control Pin
Paul Conrad24-Aug-08 8:12
professionalPaul Conrad24-Aug-08 8:12 
GeneralA Professional Ribbon you will use Pin
Paul Conrad10-Nov-08 18:06
professionalPaul Conrad10-Nov-08 18:06 
GeneralAnimation Along a Path for Silverlight Pin
Paul Conrad10-Nov-08 18:13
professionalPaul Conrad10-Nov-08 18:13 
GeneralArticles To Read and Comment Pin
Paul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:06
professionalPaul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:06 
GeneralSilverlight: Silverlight 2.0 in Examples: Part 1 - Silverlight Elements: Panels and Controls Pin
Paul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:07
professionalPaul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:07 
GeneralSilverlight Wizard Pin
Paul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:08
professionalPaul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:08 
GeneralSilverlight Tutorial: How to create a skinnable custom control Pin
Paul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:10
professionalPaul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:10 
GeneralCRUD operations in Siverlight using ADO.NET Data Service Pin
Paul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:12
professionalPaul Conrad11-Nov-08 16:12 

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