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Olivier is currently working as a network administrator in an IT Company near Lyon, France.

He discovered computer development in the early 80's, beginning with Basic programs. Since then he has worked with Visual Basic 6, and later with the .NET platform since 2003.

Now he's using .NET products to develop small applications helping him in his every-day tasks. He prefers C# actually.

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JokeMy favourite quotes on CP Pin
phil.o5-Oct-19 7:44
professionalphil.o5-Oct-19 7:44 
On December, 4th 2016, Brisingr Aerowing wrote:
Please don't drink and derive: Alcohol and calculus don't mix

On May, 2nd 2019, Johnny J. wrote:
Great news here too! I just got myself a new job as the manager of Old MacDonalds Farm!
I'm the CIEIO!

On July, 10th 2019, OriginalGriff wrote:
Well, there is "Formal Testing", where you always don a DJ and Black Tie before you run your code, "Informal Testing" which is very similar, but with jeans and a T shirt.

There is "Alpha Testing", where only the most manly are allowed to run your code, and "Beta Testing" where code is run while driving an old Lancia.

There is "Unit Testing" where you get the computer to do it and accept it's word that all is fine.

There is "Student Testing" where you finally get it to compile and hand it in immediately before that changes.

And there is "Homework Testing" where you try to get others to write your answers for you ...

On September, 30th 2019, Johnny J. wrote:
Never challenge Death to a pillow fight...
...unless you're ready to handle the reaper cushions!

On November, 19th 2019, Mike Hankey wrote:
Interviewer: How do you explain this 4 year gap on your resume?
Me: That's when I went to Yale.
Interviewer: That's impressive, you're hired.
Me: Thanks, I really needed this Yob!

"Five fruits and vegetables a day? What a joke!
Personally, after the third watermelon, I'm full."

modified 18-Feb-20 6:38am.

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