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GeneralTo Zip, GZip, or just plain compress? Pin
snorkie13-Dec-07 9:11
professionalsnorkie13-Dec-07 9:11 
I was searching today on "zipping" up files via C#. I Googled and found nothing relating to the .NET framework. I remembered there being something in the framework. I tried searching for "C# msdn zip" and found nothing. Using the F1 key in Visual Studio, my search finally came around to the System.IO.Compression namespace. Of course this namespace does not deal directly with .zip files. That got me thinking; do I want a zip file, or do I want just plain compression. In the case of the project I'm working on, just plain accurate compression is what I was after. Some features are missing (password protect), but I could extend the class if necessary. I wanted to stay with functionality built into the framework for this project, so I am glad that I was persistent. I am disappointed that this namespace isn't more obvious when searching for C# and zip.

Many times if you look hard enough, you can find what you really want.

GeneralMoving the Build Software to another Machine Pin
snorkie28-Nov-07 10:35
professionalsnorkie28-Nov-07 10:35 

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