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PraiseMessage Removed Pin
30-Mar-16 9:51
stackprogramer30-Mar-16 9:51 
PraiseNetworks Points Pin
stackprogramer30-Mar-16 9:43
stackprogramer30-Mar-16 9:43 
Praiselist journals ISI and website Pin
stackprogramer30-Mar-16 9:28
stackprogramer30-Mar-16 9:28 
Praiseovercome error Failed to resolve:!!! Pin
stackprogramer28-Mar-16 11:00
stackprogramer28-Mar-16 11:00 
Generalhow to install .net framework 3.5 in win 8.1 Pin
stackprogramer27-Mar-16 9:26
stackprogramer27-Mar-16 9:26 
Generalhow to change set buildToolsVersion and gradle version in android studio Pin
stackprogramer27-Mar-16 8:43
stackprogramer27-Mar-16 8:43 
GeneralMy experience in Androidstduio 1.5.1 Pin
stackprogramer21-Mar-16 21:27
stackprogramer21-Mar-16 21:27 
Bughow to mixed SDK Eclipse Android to New version Androidstudio1.5.1 Pin
stackprogramer21-Mar-16 4:08
stackprogramer21-Mar-16 4:08 
Generalsome points in data structure!! Pin
stackprogramer20-Mar-16 19:14
stackprogramer20-Mar-16 19:14 
i started reading data structure here is shared some important point:
string is end to null or "\0"Java | [Coffee]
matrix sparse is important in data structure.Java | [Coffee]
In computer science, an abstract data type (ADT) is a mathematical model for data types where a data type is defined by its behavior (semantics) from the point of view of a user of the data, specifically in terms of possible values, possible operations on data of this type, and the behavior of these operations.
Java | [Coffee]
linked list
noun: linked list; plural noun: linked lists

    an ordered set of data elements, each containing a link to its successor (and sometimes its predecessor).

Translate linked list to
Java | [Coffee]

A priori analysis − This is theoretical analysis of an algorithm. Efficiency of algorithm is measured by assuming that all other factors e.g. processor speed, are constant and have no effect on implementation.

A posterior analysis − This is empirical analysis of an algorithm. The selected algorithm is implemented using programming language. This is then executed on target computer machine. In this analysis, actual statistics like running time and space required, are collected.

modified 21-Mar-16 3:45am.

GeneralSolving problem disabling taskmanager and regedit in Windows 8.1 Pin
stackprogramer16-Mar-16 12:43
stackprogramer16-Mar-16 12:43 
GeneralGuidance To Enable and Disable Hyper-V using DISM Command Windows 8 Enterprise Pin
stackprogramer15-Mar-16 2:27
stackprogramer15-Mar-16 2:27 
Praiseintroduction Doxyqml,A document generator for your QML application Pin
stackprogramer13-Mar-16 10:52
stackprogramer13-Mar-16 10:52 
GeneralGuidance for having good User Experience in Windows8 Pin
stackprogramer12-Mar-16 10:40
stackprogramer12-Mar-16 10:40 

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