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QuestionXSLT Pin
AndyInUK14-Sep-11 3:55
MemberAndyInUK14-Sep-11 3:55 
AnswerRe: XSLT Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 4:51
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 4:51 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
AndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:06
MemberAndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:06 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
Rhys Gravell15-Sep-11 5:27
professionalRhys Gravell15-Sep-11 5:27 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 5:27
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 5:27 
AnswerRe: XSLT Pin
Andi Fandrich15-Sep-11 5:18
professionalAndi Fandrich15-Sep-11 5:18 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
AndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:28
MemberAndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:28 
AnswerRe: XSLT Pin
Rhys Gravell15-Sep-11 5:33
professionalRhys Gravell15-Sep-11 5:33 
The below is not perfect but is getting there. Unfortunately I need to leave the office soon but hope it helps...

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="">
<xsl:template match="/">
			<title>Updated Template</title>
			<table border="0">
				<xsl:for-each select="ABC/DEF">
						<td><xsl:value-of select="GHI" /></td>
							<xsl:variable name="inStr" select="."></xsl:variable>
							<xsl:variable name="outStr">
								<xsl:call-template name="template2">
									<xsl:with-param name="parameter2" select="$inStr"/>
							<xsl:copy-of select="$outStr"/>
	<xsl:template name="template2">
		<xsl:param name="parameter2"/>
				<xsl:when test="contains($parameter2,'')">
					<xsl:value-of select="substring-before($parameter2,'')"/><p/>
						<xsl:call-template name="template2">
							<xsl:with-param name="parameter2">
								<xsl:value-of select="substring-after($parameter2,'')"/>
					<xsl:value-of select="$parameter2"/>


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GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
AndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:49
MemberAndyInUK15-Sep-11 5:49 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
chriselst15-Sep-11 5:56
Memberchriselst15-Sep-11 5:56 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
AndyInUK15-Sep-11 6:09
MemberAndyInUK15-Sep-11 6:09 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
Bassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 6:51
professionalBassam Abdul-Baki15-Sep-11 6:51 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
AndyInUK15-Sep-11 23:38
MemberAndyInUK15-Sep-11 23:38 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
PIEBALDconsult16-Sep-11 5:20
professionalPIEBALDconsult16-Sep-11 5:20 
GeneralRe: XSLT Pin
PIEBALDconsult15-Sep-11 18:10
professionalPIEBALDconsult15-Sep-11 18:10 
QuestionShould we get rid of the redundant quotes now that HTML5 does it? Pin
ed welch12-Sep-11 11:20
Membered welch12-Sep-11 11:20 
Questioni have question about rss xml. Pin
buffering837-Aug-11 16:41
Memberbuffering837-Aug-11 16:41 
AnswerRe: i have question about rss xml. Pin
Dr.Walt Fair, PE7-Aug-11 17:31
professionalDr.Walt Fair, PE7-Aug-11 17:31 
QuestionXSD question - Calling an xsd from another xsd Pin
bgallagher_lib4-Aug-11 5:06
Memberbgallagher_lib4-Aug-11 5:06 
AnswerRe: XSD question - Calling an xsd from another xsd Pin
Ger Hayden5-Aug-11 23:24
MemberGer Hayden5-Aug-11 23:24 
Questiondisplat html via xslt macro Pin
benams26-Jul-11 3:31
Memberbenams26-Jul-11 3:31 
QuestionHow to Work with XML file in MFC Dialog based application? Pin
Le@rner25-Jul-11 20:29
MemberLe@rner25-Jul-11 20:29 
AnswerRe: How to Work with XML file in MFC Dialog based application? - Repost Pin
Richard MacCutchan25-Jul-11 21:30
mveRichard MacCutchan25-Jul-11 21:30 
QuestionShould I ask for better XML? Pin
chriselst18-Jul-11 0:02
Memberchriselst18-Jul-11 0:02 
AnswerRe: Should I ask for better XML? Pin
dasblinkenlight18-Jul-11 3:10
Memberdasblinkenlight18-Jul-11 3:10 

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