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GeneralRe: Can I use Ant Colony Optimization for Regression test case selection? Pin
Member 1156647520-Jun-15 18:54
MemberMember 1156647520-Jun-15 18:54 
GeneralRe: Can I use Ant Colony Optimization for Regression test case selection? Pin
ellegonzalez22-Aug-16 20:38
Memberellegonzalez22-Aug-16 20:38 
QuestionHow can I use Ant Colony Optimization for Regression test case selection? Pin
Member 1156647514-Jun-15 3:27
MemberMember 1156647514-Jun-15 3:27 
QuestionKickstarter campaign - opensource projects to be backed / contributed? Pin
Lothar Behrens14-May-15 20:31
professionalLothar Behrens14-May-15 20:31 
GeneraliCPVanity for real Pin
Serge Desmedt5-May-15 7:37
professionalSerge Desmedt5-May-15 7:37 
QuestionNeed assistance in running decompression Nakamichi vs LZ4 showdown Pin
Sanmayce10-Mar-15 23:49
MemberSanmayce10-Mar-15 23:49 
QuestionLooking for testers for automated Linux server install and config. Pin
UnoDan21-Jan-15 21:47
MemberUnoDan21-Jan-15 21:47 
NewsOpen source could note project with Golang, Javascript - Leanote Pin
Leanote1-Jan-15 3:29
MemberLeanote1-Jan-15 3:29 
Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!

We are developing a cloud note project with Golang.
but there are more powerful functions should be added.
Hope you guys could have a look at our project.
We can talk about Golang together! Laugh | :laugh: Laugh | :laugh:

Here is the link of our product:[^]
You may want to try the Cloud Notepad first and let us improve together.
We support Markdown.
We hope to provide a platform which can not only write private note, but also publish your note to blog.

QuestionHow to test The performance Of a Vb.Net Pc Cleaner Software? Pin
rituz9-Dec-14 1:08
Memberrituz9-Dec-14 1:08 
QuestionAnyone is interested in remote game development? Pin
Member 112856837-Dec-14 15:11
MemberMember 112856837-Dec-14 15:11 
AnswerRe: Anyone is interested in remote game development? Pin
jschell12-Dec-14 12:42
Memberjschell12-Dec-14 12:42 
GeneralCommunity Project Pin
ItsElio5-Dec-14 8:17
MemberItsElio5-Dec-14 8:17 
QuestionThesis Research Help! Need Participants for Google Glass App Design Card Sorting Pin
Josh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 5:50
MemberJosh Siemanowicz1-Dec-14 5:50 
QuestionI'm developing a new programming language but it needs something and what tips would you guys like to see added? Pin
Myvar16-Oct-14 20:07
MemberMyvar16-Oct-14 20:07 
QuestionAny C/C++ programmers want to try a new dependencies manager?? Pin
biicode2-Sep-14 1:33
professionalbiicode2-Sep-14 1:33 
QuestionNeed to test and advice me about my Accounting Software Pin
wedagedara15-Aug-14 23:31
Memberwedagedara15-Aug-14 23:31 
QuestionCollaborative downloading application Pin
Member 109362359-Jul-14 16:20
MemberMember 109362359-Jul-14 16:20 
QuestionTest a c# kinect game Pin
Member 1080779612-May-14 9:31
MemberMember 1080779612-May-14 9:31 
QuestionNeed help to run AVX2 console benchmark Pin
Sanmayce27-Apr-14 7:47
MemberSanmayce27-Apr-14 7:47 
NewsPi Day and Swapnajit's Pi Webservice Pin
mittra15-Mar-14 19:29
Membermittra15-Mar-14 19:29 
GeneralBraille Alphabet Generation through images Pin
mittra14-Feb-14 9:29
Membermittra14-Feb-14 9:29 
QuestionWindows 8/8.1 App Testing Pin
Casey Sheridan18-Jan-14 4:56
professionalCasey Sheridan18-Jan-14 4:56 
QuestionWPF Mentor to help with projects Pin
Ron Beyer15-Jan-14 16:12
professionalRon Beyer15-Jan-14 16:12 
QuestionBeta testers needed Pin
Mike Hankey10-Jan-14 8:39
professionalMike Hankey10-Jan-14 8:39 
AnswerRe: Beta testers needed Pin
Marco Bertschi12-Jan-14 22:24
professionalMarco Bertschi12-Jan-14 22:24 

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