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This forum is for discussing and recommending Free tools for software development. Please post direct links to tools, and not just links to pages that review or list tools.No shareware and no commercial products allowed. Please report spammers by voting to remove their messages and reporting their accounts.

GeneralLogExpert Pin
Michael Martin27-Jun-16 20:49
professionalMichael Martin27-Jun-16 20:49 
GeneralAwesome MQTT spy tool Pin
Mike Hankey13-Jun-16 10:42
professionalMike Hankey13-Jun-16 10:42 
GeneralTool Image2ICO Pin
Matthew Hazlett11-Jun-16 15:45
MemberMatthew Hazlett11-Jun-16 15:45 
GeneralRe: Tool Image2ICO Pin
Michael Martin28-Jun-16 2:59
professionalMichael Martin28-Jun-16 2:59 
GeneralRe: Tool Image2ICO Pin
Alize Camp4-Aug-16 14:56
professionalAlize Camp4-Aug-16 14:56 
QuestionGithub fork problem (SOLVED) Pin
Super Lloyd22-May-16 23:29
MemberSuper Lloyd22-May-16 23:29 
AnswerRe: Github fork problem (SOLVED) Pin
Richard Deeming23-May-16 1:56
mveRichard Deeming23-May-16 1:56 
GeneralRe: Github fork problem (SOLVED) Pin
Super Lloyd23-May-16 3:36
MemberSuper Lloyd23-May-16 3:36 
yeah, me neither....
but.. but.. GitHub IS a free too! Poke tongue | ;-P
All in one Menu-Ribbon Bar
DirectX for WinRT/C# since 2013!
Taking over the world since 1371!

GeneralRe: Github fork problem (SOLVED) Pin
Alize Camp12-Aug-16 7:01
professionalAlize Camp12-Aug-16 7:01 
GeneralRe: Github fork problem (SOLVED) Pin
Super Lloyd12-Aug-16 16:38
MemberSuper Lloyd12-Aug-16 16:38 
GeneralOpen Source Backup System Pin
Brisingr Aerowing6-May-16 17:24
professionalBrisingr Aerowing6-May-16 17:24 
NewsOmniDB - An Open Source Web Tool For Database Management and Conversion Pin
William Ivanski29-Apr-16 6:55
professionalWilliam Ivanski29-Apr-16 6:55 
GeneralUpgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
OriginalGriff23-Feb-16 23:51
mveOriginalGriff23-Feb-16 23:51 
GeneralRe: Upgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
bigladybug82729-Mar-16 21:45
Memberbigladybug82729-Mar-16 21:45 
GeneralRe: Upgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
Tomscomp15-Jan-17 5:12
MemberTomscomp15-Jan-17 5:12 
GeneralRe: Upgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
Alize Camp29-Jun-16 5:43
professionalAlize Camp29-Jun-16 5:43 
GeneralRe: Upgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
OriginalGriff29-Jun-16 6:00
mveOriginalGriff29-Jun-16 6:00 
GeneralRe: Upgrading to an SSD? Try this... Pin
Alize Camp4-Jul-16 9:56
professionalAlize Camp4-Jul-16 9:56 
GeneralData recovery Pin
Richard MacCutchan28-Jan-16 22:53
mveRichard MacCutchan28-Jan-16 22:53 
AnswerRe: Data recovery Pin
Alize Camp29-Jun-16 6:00
professionalAlize Camp29-Jun-16 6:00 
GeneralNumCapsInsScroll Toolbar Pin
Kevin Marois28-Jan-16 11:30
professionalKevin Marois28-Jan-16 11:30 
GeneralRe: NumCapsInsScroll Toolbar Pin
Ravi Bhavnani28-Jan-16 12:18
professionalRavi Bhavnani28-Jan-16 12:18 
GeneralRe: NumCapsInsScroll Toolbar Pin
dandy7229-Jan-16 4:04
Memberdandy7229-Jan-16 4:04 
GeneralRe: NumCapsInsScroll Toolbar Pin
Kevin Marois29-Jan-16 4:13
professionalKevin Marois29-Jan-16 4:13 
GeneralRe: NumCapsInsScroll Toolbar Pin
dandy7229-Jan-16 6:26
Memberdandy7229-Jan-16 6:26 

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