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QuestionRe: JQuery Ajax error Pin
ZurdoDev21-Sep-16 7:43
professionalZurdoDev21-Sep-16 7:43 
QuestionExposing API VS Stored Procedure Pin
Java Lead31-Aug-16 4:30
Java Lead31-Aug-16 4:30 
AnswerRe: Exposing API VS Stored Procedure Pin
Richard MacCutchan31-Aug-16 4:45
mveRichard MacCutchan31-Aug-16 4:45 
AnswerRe: Exposing API VS Stored Procedure Pin
ZurdoDev31-Aug-16 14:25
professionalZurdoDev31-Aug-16 14:25 
SuggestionRe: Exposing API VS Stored Procedure Pin
Harpreet05Kaur26-Sep-16 1:16
Harpreet05Kaur26-Sep-16 1:16 
QuestionFull Stack Developer Pin
TeffyDog26-Aug-16 2:19
TeffyDog26-Aug-16 2:19 
AnswerRe: Full Stack Developer Pin
Nathan Minier29-Aug-16 1:09
professionalNathan Minier29-Aug-16 1:09 
QuestionJSON UI to SQL DB Pin
VarunSharma4326-Aug-16 1:15
professionalVarunSharma4326-Aug-16 1:15 
Hi All,
I saw many posted and infact I worked on JSON based app which use to JSONSeralizecontents and then pass that data to WEB Services on same machine and then webervice creates objects of it and call an SP with parameters on SQL and the response back to UI. now that was fine until i was on intranet where the app was open with basic username and passowrd however
now I am looking for hosting this app on Internet / Cloud Machine on Amazon so my doubt is that is same Infrastructure still good since
1. I may be looking to get away with the webservice parts which reads json to create object and then use it to create SQL Command with parameters. I wish to get rid of this layer so that I can pass JSON to SQL and perform operation there itself.. or have a very light wrapper for this on web service so need suggestions on it
2. I may also be looking to secure the data which is over the internet. The app will be mainly used on PDA and Laptops Browsers so what is the best way to secure it (https, JWT or some other light weight mechanism).
Also I wish to have SSO enabled for my apps.
Kindly suggest.
varun sharma

AnswerRe: JSON UI to SQL DB Pin
Nathan Minier30-Aug-16 1:08
professionalNathan Minier30-Aug-16 1:08 
GeneralRe: JSON UI to SQL DB Pin
VarunSharma4330-Aug-16 3:14
professionalVarunSharma4330-Aug-16 3:14 
akshay kariyanapillil24-Aug-16 6:26
akshay kariyanapillil24-Aug-16 6:26 
Vincent Maverick Durano24-Aug-16 6:54
professionalVincent Maverick Durano24-Aug-16 6:54 
Richard Deeming24-Aug-16 7:02
mveRichard Deeming24-Aug-16 7:02 
Questionusage of $.validator.unobtrusive.parse Pin
Raghavendra.Kodimala19-Aug-16 22:35
professionalRaghavendra.Kodimala19-Aug-16 22:35 
Questionlearning to upgrade code Pin
Member 1244422419-Aug-16 17:14
Member 1244422419-Aug-16 17:14 
SuggestionRe: learning to upgrade code Pin
ZurdoDev24-Aug-16 7:45
professionalZurdoDev24-Aug-16 7:45 
Questiontrouble with MYSQLi dropdown Pin
Member 1244422418-Aug-16 15:19
Member 1244422418-Aug-16 15:19 
SuggestionRe: trouble with MYSQLi dropdown Pin
Richard Deeming19-Aug-16 3:27
mveRichard Deeming19-Aug-16 3:27 
Questionweb form 2010 display error message Pin
dcof16-Aug-16 5:00
dcof16-Aug-16 5:00 
AnswerRe: web form 2010 display error message Pin
ZurdoDev24-Aug-16 7:48
professionalZurdoDev24-Aug-16 7:48 
QuestionProblem Accessing Site Hosted in IIS Pin
Kevin Marois15-Aug-16 16:13
professionalKevin Marois15-Aug-16 16:13 
QuestionWhat makes an excellent web developer? Pin
DesignersX12-Aug-16 19:16
professionalDesignersX12-Aug-16 19:16 
AnswerRe: What makes an excellent web developer? Pin
Richard MacCutchan12-Aug-16 22:17
mveRichard MacCutchan12-Aug-16 22:17 
AnswerRe: What makes an excellent web developer? Pin
Nathan Minier15-Aug-16 1:14
professionalNathan Minier15-Aug-16 1:14 
GeneralRe: What makes an excellent web developer? Pin
petter201230-Aug-16 19:26
petter201230-Aug-16 19:26 

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