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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:09
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:09 
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Chris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:05
cofounderChris Maunder16-Jul-09 4:05 
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mveGerry Schmitz30-Oct-23 13:20 
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Kevin Marois31-Oct-23 9:01
professionalKevin Marois31-Oct-23 9:01 
QuestionUI Validation Problem Pin
Kevin Marois10-Oct-23 14:10
professionalKevin Marois10-Oct-23 14:10 
I am implementing INotifyDataErrorInfo. Here's my base ViewModel
public class _ViewModelBase : BindableBase, INotifyDataErrorInfo
    #region Events
    public event EventHandler<DataErrorsChangedEventArgs> ErrorsChanged;

    #region Private Fields
    public readonly Dictionary<string, List<string>> _validationErrors = new Dictionary<string, List<string>>();

    #region Properties
    public bool HasErrors => _validationErrors.Any();

    #region Public Methods
    public IEnumerable GetErrors(string propertyName)
        return _validationErrors.ContainsKey(propertyName) ? _validationErrors[propertyName] : null;

    #region Protected Methods
    protected void AddError(string propertyName, string error)
        if (!_validationErrors.ContainsKey(propertyName))
            _validationErrors[propertyName] = new List<string>();

        if (!_validationErrors[propertyName].Contains(error))

    protected void ClearErrors(string propertyName)
        if (_validationErrors.ContainsKey(propertyName))

    #region Private Methods
    private void RaiseErrorsChanged(string propertyName)
        ErrorsChanged?.Invoke(this, new DataErrorsChangedEventArgs(propertyName));
Here's my CustomerView
<TextBlock Grid.Row="0"
           Text="Customer Name"/>
<TextBox Grid.Row="1"
         Text="{Binding CustomerName, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged, ValidatesOnDataErrors=True}"
         IsEnabled="{Binding AreFieldsEnabled}">

                <AdornedElementPlaceholder x:Name="textBox" />
                <ItemsControl ItemsSource="{Binding}">
                            <TextBlock Text="{Binding ErrorContent}" Foreground="Red" />

Here's my CustomerViewModel (parts ommited)
private void Validate()

    if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Customer.CustomerName))
        AddError(nameof(Customer.CustomerName), "The Customer Name cannot be empty.");


private void Customer_PropertyChanged(object sender, PropertyChangedEventArgs e)
    IsChanged = true;


The problem is that if I use complex nation, as in Customer.CustomerName instead of just CustomerName, the validation text does not appear. The error gets added to the collection, but I don't see it.

What's wrong here?
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Richard Deeming10-Oct-23 23:13
mveRichard Deeming10-Oct-23 23:13 
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Kevin Marois12-Oct-23 8:25
professionalKevin Marois12-Oct-23 8:25 
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Richard Deeming12-Oct-23 22:34
mveRichard Deeming12-Oct-23 22:34 
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Gerry Schmitz12-Oct-23 9:52
mveGerry Schmitz12-Oct-23 9:52 
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Kevin Marois12-Oct-23 15:54
professionalKevin Marois12-Oct-23 15:54 

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