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Git Source Control

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Kent Sharkey    Tuesday, April 28, 2020 7:00pm    
Everyone's welcome at this party

I'm working on a C# WPF app, and I need to get it under source control.

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GeneralGit for it! Pin
trevorde stickman28-Apr-20 23:03
trevorde stickman28-Apr-20 23:03 
GeneralRe: Git for it! Pin
PhilipOakley18-Nov-20 5:43
professionalPhilipOakley18-Nov-20 5:43 
Git is great, because it give you control so that you can store what you want, when you want. No need for any permissions or anything. And you get automatic referencing & authentication for everything (horrible hashes Wink | ;-) ).

However, it's mindset, its worldview, its weltanschauung, will turn your VCS (version control system) expectations upside down!

Try and avoid simplistic solutions that try and make (G)it look like your old dumb VCS as the blowback (Backdraft) can leave scars when you get it wrong..

Take a little time to get a good overview of the inversion of control (it's now authentication), the cheap branches, the confusion of 'remote tracking branches' which actually are truly local, the staging area (Oh the staging area, a poor metaphor for a whole new level of grok), de-duplication for free. Like I said, a new view of the computing world, a new way of thinking.

With perfect duplication, there is no 'master'.

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