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News for Monday, October 30 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Monday, October 30, 2006 9:00am    
News for Monday, October 30 2006

Industry News

Five things you'll love about Vista's storage

If you can't say something nice about an OS... Mind you, hybrid drives seem pretty cool.
Source: ComputerWorld

Time to teach digital etiquette, experts suggest

People sometimes aren't nice to one another on the Internet? Say it ain't so...
Source: TechWeb

Linux guru warns on security of open-source code

The whole "many eyes" bit works both ways.
Source: ZDNet

EMI Music CEO says the CD is 'dead'

Back to the eight track we go...
Source: MarketWatch

Developer News

Code Style Enforcer

Specific to the IDesign coding standard, but handy for enforcing style.
Source: Elsewhere

Reinventing HTML

What does Sir Tim want to do with HTML now, and will the browsers follow this time?
Source: MIT

Death by caffeine

Find out just how much caffeine will kill you.
Source: Elsewhere

Six word stories about programming languages

Describe a language's "personality" in 6 words.
Source: Elsewhere

Hot Threads

How is Core2Duo speeding up compile-time?

Can a new CPU help you get to built faster?
Source: The Code Project

The Thirteen Scariest Things in IT!

Beware the frumious bandersnatch, and the "Management by the Book of the Month Club"
Source: The Code Project

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