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News for Friday, October 27 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Friday, October 27, 2006 9:00am    
News for Friday, October 27 2006

Industry News

Ubuntu releases new distribution

Faster bootup and more apps (including Firefox 2.0) in "Edgy Eft"
Source: InfoWorld

Mozilla team downplays first Firefox 2.0 bug reports

"Can't repro" is such a powerful answer.
Source: ComputerWorld

6 million Xbox 360s sold

And why don't I have one yet?
Source: Beta News

IBM researchers find new way to cool chips

Cooler chips could mean faster chips, which means happier me.
Source: InfoWorld

Developer News

This iPod user rocks

Forget the "Face on Mars", we have our own face, and he likes gadgets.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Adobe Soundbooth

Beta of new audio-editing software from Adobe that "provides the tools video editors, designers, and others who do not specialize in audio need to accomplish their everyday work."
Source: Adobe

Windows Vista team blog

Get all the news on Windows Vista fit for a team member to scribble about. Until they move on and stop updating it.
Source: Windows Vista blog

Yahoo overhauls social bookmarking service

Not sure why they have both this, and, but this one is shinier.
Source: TechWeb

Hot Threads

Office joins the Genuine Advantage program

You'll have to be genuine to work on your documents in the future.
Source: The Code Project

Cardspace, anyone playing with it?

Source: The Code Project

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