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News for Thursday, October 26 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Thursday, October 26, 2006 9:00am    
News for Thursday, October 26 2006

Industry News

Bug causes Microsoft to push Vista RTM to Nov 8

Ah, it only "caused a crash that required a complete reinstall"? We could have lived with that one.
Source: ComputerWorld

Second flaw in Microsoft IE7 browser

This one is apparently "an issue".
Source: InfoWorld

Windows Desktop Search 3.0

Find it faster with this new build.
Source: Microsoft

Software generates video news bulletins

Site uses RSS and a character from the game Half-Life 2 to read news.
Source: New Scientist

Developer News

Getting Real, the book

"A smaller, faster, better way to build software." Now free to read online.
Source: 37 Signals

Give your résumé a face lift

Just a few tips, just in case you might need to update your CV.
Source: Live Clever

Vampires a mathematical impossibility, scientist says

Oh, good. I can stop worrying now.
Source: LiveScience

Very short stories

Need a quick read? How about six word stories?
Source: Wired

Hot Threads

MSDN documentation

Technically accurate, but not very helpful.
Source: The Code Project

Comparison of relational database management systems

Handy set of feature comparisons.
Source: The Code Project

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