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News for Friday, October 6 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Friday, October 6, 2006 10:00am    
News for Friday, October 6 2006

Industry News

Exclusive look at Windows Vista's viral marketing:

No bunnies, but Demetri is funny anyway.
Source: I started something

Why it's time to lose the snide IT attitude

Think we're snide? Have you spoken with those sales guys lately?
Source: eWeek

Adobe adds blogging support to Contribute Web tool

After all, every product needs a "blog angle".
Source: TechWeb

Ecma could publish final Office Open XML draft Monday

Microsoft's new Office file format to become a standard.
Source: InfoWorld

Developer News

12 lessons for those afraid of CSS and standards

Cast off your tables and feel free!
Source: A List Apart

"Ghost" Windows XP for free

Image your XP (or Server 2003) boxes for safety, or network expansion.

The State Of Web Development

Ajax set to surpass Flash in '07 and other tidbits in this summary of a summary of a report.
Source: ReadWriteWeb

Search the world's public source code

Just the thing to get you past that latest customer/boss request.
Source: Google

Hot Threads

Need a job? Come to South Dakota with the lowest unemployment in the nation!

Careful, they might outsource the work to Nebraska.
Source: The Code Project

Virtual PC 2007

Coming soon, and with glass support.
Source: The Code Project

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