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News for Thursday, October 5 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Thursday, October 5, 2006 10:00am    
News for Thursday, October 5 2006

Industry News

Peter Coffee's Dirty Dozen IT Embarrassments

Twelve times that computers made things worse.
Source: eWeek

IBM aims for user-friendly mainframes

System Z to get visual development tools, and more shininess.

Hacker kit use surges, means more malicious sites

Your good news for the day.
Source: TechWeb

Bloggers face an increase in libel suits

Not really news, as it's still making statements publicly, but some people need a reminder that "the new media" is still media.
Source: Ars Technica

Developer News

Microsoft beats SOA drum with ESB guidelines

Guidelines for a "real-world" approach to building SOAs.
Source: InfoWorld

Neiman Marcus ads offer $1.76 Million charter spaceflight

Start saving your pennies, and you (and five friends/family) could find yourselves on SpaceShipTwo.
Source: LiveScience

Google gadgets for your Webpage

Now you can add Google Gadgets to any Web page, even a pony!
Source: Google

Replacing my home backup server with Amazon's S3

A little creative math/accounting, but an interesting possible use for Amazon's storage service.

Hot Threads

Guidance Explorer

Patterns and Practices and Guidance. Who could ask for anything more?
Source: The Code Project

Vista Anti-Piracy...

If you don't pay, you won't play.
Source: The Code Project

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