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News for Monday, October 2 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Monday, October 2, 2006 10:00am    
News for Monday, October 2 2006

Industry News

Congress approves Net gambling ban

Is it election time in the States again?

Hackers claim zero-day flaw in Firefox

Firefox 1, IE6 129
Source: ZDNet

IBM gets into karaoke

World's largest software/hardware company gets into the really important stuff.
Source: InfoWorld

Microsoft bullish on Vista business adoption

At least *they* think it will sell well.
Source: InfoWorld

Developer News

Pac-man and Space Invaders for Excel

Productivity software, indeed.
Source: Geocities

Yahoo allows outsiders to innovate on Yahoo e-mail

They may open up the source code to Yahoo Mail.
Source: Reuters

How to defeat the new No. 1 security threat: cross-site scripting

A few tips for avoiding attacks.
Source: ComputerWorld

Browser-Based Authentication

Yahoo opens up their authentication to other applications.
Source: Yahoo!

Hot Threads

Tesco Anti-Virus

Next up, Walmart gets into creating IDEs.
Source: The Code Project

Software licensing

On the joys of cross-licensing software.
Source: The Code Project

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