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News for Wednesday, August 16 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Wednesday, August 16, 2006 9:00am    
News for Wednesday, August 16 2006

Industry News

IBM expands beyond Linux

Never one to ignore a potential consultancy platform, IBM moves to support more Open Source apps.
Source: InfoWorld

Google Talk marks first year with upgrade

Now with file transfer and voice mail.

Sony will help pay for Dell battery recall

They built them, so they'll help collect them.
Source: ComputerWorld

BlackBerrys shown to be hackable

Hackers make flan out of them.
Source: The Age

Developer News

Answers API Now Available

Yahoo adds an API to their "Answers" service. Now your applications can search for useless answers to silly questions.
Source: Yahoo

ADO.NET vNext CTP - August 2006

Get a taste of the next data access model from Microsoft. Includes the new Entity Framework (ORM).
Source: Microsoft

Terabyte drive to debut later this year

Put it on your wish list now.

Sun edges closer to open-source Java

They're still not sure what that means, but they're starting.
Source: ComputerWorld

Hot Threads

Keyboard Washing Question

Dry clean or hand wash in warm water. Use no bleach.
Source: The Code Project

VS2003 SP1 released

Now we just have to wait for VS2005 SP 1.
Source: The Code Project

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