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News for Thursday, August 10 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Thursday, August 10, 2006 9:00am    
News for Thursday, August 10 2006

Industry News

Virgin Atlantic tries text messaging to fight in-flight boredom

ur w3lcom 2 V1rg1n A1rwaiz
Source: ComputerWorld

IBM to pay $1.6 billion for FileNet

The acquisitions continue.

DHS warning on latest Microsoft patch

If you're not already behind a firewall, or blocking ports 139 and 445, now would be a good time.
Source: InfoWorld

Resigning Microsoft developer cites 'paralysis' in Windows Live effort

The bad news continues to pile on.
Source: TechWeb

Developer News

Gardens Point Ruby.NET Compiler

First Beta available
Source: Queensland University of Technology

Community Server 2.1 Now Available

Latest version of the popular CMS/forums/blogging/whatever-it-is software.
Source: Community Server

Google Checkout triggers complaints

Google's "PayPal killer" isn't doing so well.
Source: InfoWorld

The PC turns 25, for better or worse

Where would we be without the beige box?
Source: Live Science

Hot Threads

Where to get geek toys

Duel with nerf launchers at dawn.
Source: The Code Project

My First Real-World Exposure to .Net Programming

Welcome to the club.
Source: The Code Project

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