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News for Tuesday, April 25 2006

Source: CodeProject     Posted by Chris Maunder    Tuesday, April 25, 2006 9:00am    
News for Tuesday, April 25 2006

Industry News

Microsoft Refreshes, Broadens IE 7 Beta

Microsoft is set to post for download from the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web site Beta 2 of IE 7 for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2 customers.
Source: eWeek

Web-surfing worker can't be fired

You can't be fired for surfing the Web, at least in New York.
Source: MSNBC

Not genuine? Expect to be notified.

Microsoft will begin to send notifications directly to their desktop that the copy of Windows they are running isn't genuine.
Source: Microsoft

Sun CEO McNealy Steps Down

Scott McNealy, chief executive and co-founder of Sun Microsystems, stepped down on Monday and was replaced by President and Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Schwartz.
Source: TechWeb

Developer News

Hacker 'Smartbomb' Toolkit Attacks Unpatched Computers

A hacking kit is being sold, and used, to attack a number of vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Source: TechWeb

Mozilla patches Thunderbird, puts Mozilla Suite to sleep

Patches to Mozilla's e-mail client bring it up to 1.5.02, and 1.7.13 will be the last of the Mozilla Suite.
Source: TechWeb

Microsoft Feeds Directory

Find all Microsoft site and blogger feeds all in one place, complete with categories.
Source: Microsoft

How to Destroy the Earth

Destroying the Earth is harder than you may have been led to believe.
Source: Things of Interest

Hot Threads

Copyright Protection

For the last few years, a coalition of technology companies, academics and computer programmers has been trying to persuade Congress to scale back the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Now Congress is preparing to do precisely the opposite.
Source: The Code Project

Why would a school want to weed out programers?

Ah, back in the day, I remember watching the numbers dwindle in Intro to Computer Science and Numerical Algebra. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
Source: The Code Project

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