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I have created a treeview in WPF form in C# to display all directories of the computer. Now i want to add checkboxes on the left before icons to select multiple directories. Can anyone give a link or anything that can help me to understand and implement checkboxes according to my requirement.


Use DataTemplate for TreeView. Before this, create a class for Folder(directory) with two properties,
1. FolderName - string property - to hold Folder's name.
2. CheckedStatus - bool property - to hold the selection status.
Add some more properties as per your requirement.
and now Folder class would be,
public class Folder
    public string FolderName { get; set; }
    public bool CheckedStatus { get; set; }

And, define a DataTemplate in TreeView's XAML source like following,
<treeview name="FolderTree" margin="10,37,5,10">
      <datatemplate datatype="{x:Type local:Folder}">
         <stackpanel orientation="Horizontal">
            <checkbox ischecked="{Binding CheckedStatus, Mode=TwoWay}" />
            <image margin="4,0,0,0" width="15" height="15" source="Images/folder.png" />
            <textblock margin="4,0,0,0" text="{Binding FolderName}" />

Above code defines a DataTemplate for TreeView, the defined DataTemplate contains,
CheckBox - to allow users to select folders,
Image - to display folder image and
TextBlock - to show folder name.
These controls are wrapped into a StackPanel. Here Image is optional.

Now create an ObservableCollection to hold folders.
ObservableCollection<Folder> FolderCollection = new ObservableCollection<Folder>();

Add Folders of your specified location to this collection by creating objects for Folder Class.
foreach (DirectoryInfo dir in YourDirectoryObject.GetDirectories())
   Folder objFolder = new Folder();
   objFolder.FolderName = dir.Name;

assign the prepared ObservableCollection FolderCollection to treeview.
FolderTree.ItemsSource = FolderCollection;

This will gives you a treeview with checkbox for selection. And you can loop through your FolderCollection to get selected Folders by checking CheckedStatus property.
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