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Hello programmers. I need a liitle Help in Windows Forms. I want to write a Code that returns true if Bitmap Image A is in Bitmap Image B. For Example : B=Screenshoot and A=little Part of Screenshot(Icon) . Programms return True if B contains A and returns False if it isn't. Have anyone Idea how to do this.

I have found a Code in Internet but havenn't understand how it works. Can someone explain ?

Here is a Code :

public class BitmapExtensions
        public bool Contains(this Bitmap template, Bitmap bmp)
            const int divisor = 4;
            const int epsilon = 10;

            ExhaustiveTemplateMatching etm = new ExhaustiveTemplateMatching(0.9f);

            TemplateMatch[] tm = etm.ProcessImage(new ResizeNearestNeighbor(template.Width / divisor, template.Height / divisor).Apply(template),
                                                  new ResizeNearestNeighbor(bmp.Width / divisor, bmp.Height / divisor).Apply(bmp));
            if (tm.Length == 1)
                Rectangle tempRect = tm[0].Rectangle;

                if(Math.Abs(bmp.Width / divisor - tempRect.Width) < epsilon && Math.Abs(bmp.Height / divisor - tempRect.Height) < epsilon)
                    return true;
            return false;
Updated 18-Sep-15 4:11am
F-ES Sitecore 18-Sep-15 10:02am    
Given you seemingly have no idea how to do this at all, I imagine a good first step would be to google "c# find one image inside another" and go through the many examples that already exist. If you are having problems implementing your chosen example you can ask a specific question about your specific problem.

Edit: The sample you posted is using a third party library to do the clever work. You'd need to look at the source of that library to find out how it is working
sreeyush sudhakaran 18-Sep-15 13:35pm    
It seems this is image processing project , to identify images you can use opencv like libraries
dave_bulac 18-Sep-15 14:25pm    
can you give me example of working with images in opencv ?
Gonzoox 18-Sep-15 15:13pm    
Google not working???
sreeyush sudhakaran 21-Sep-15 5:46am

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