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Hi all,

Currently in my program, I have put a design of "You are here" which draw path by path until complete icon of "You are here" and group all of this path into Grid.

Now on my code, I will point the Grid (gd_youarehere) to location that public want to go. My current code for pointing this:-
you_are_here.Margin = New Thickness(1150.521, 375.903, 0, 0)

But current requirement need me to enlarge the "you are here" a little bit. And it will effect the margin of the grid. So, if that so, I need to get all of location thickness back by pointing it one by one and grab the margin.

Is there any way to point only XY if possible? Or a better way than this in case the gd_youarehere need to resize?

1 solution

If you want "move" stuff around, you should really be using a "Canvas"; then you can set the Top and Left of a UI element (and not worry about "margins" and "size").

Canvases (as well as other objects) can overlay existing objects (using grid cells or other canvases). With a transparent background, you don't need to do a lot of fiddling to get "canvas ability" with other things still going on in the background using other techniques.
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