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Please send me the appropriate code that matches the above question..
Answers needed using Global.asax page
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 28-Dec-15 8:22am    
You forgot to add, that it is urgent!!!
Hemant Singh Rautela 28-Dec-15 8:25am    
Just use rewrite. search about how to do Rewriting in ;-)
Anurag Gandhi 28-Dec-15 8:29am    
he mean Url rewrite.
Hemant Singh Rautela 28-Dec-15 8:31am    
Ops..! my mistake. :-)

Yes it is URL Rewriting.
ZurdoDev 28-Dec-15 8:31am    
Why? And where are you stuck?

1 solution

This code can change URL in browser without reloading page. *Browser must support HTML5.

If your page is yourPage.aspx and you want to change it to yourPage.html use below code.

$( document ).ready(function() {
    history.pushState("","", "./yourPage.html");
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aarif moh shaikh 29-Dec-15 4:49am    
Good. It's working. +5
Pravin.Bhosale01 29-Dec-15 6:23am    
Check and make sure with all supported browsers by your project.

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