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I am want to convert BYTE* to LPWSTR as below, which is not correct, Please advise correct mechanism to do so. Many Thanks in advance!!

BYTE *bpString;// with some data
LPWSTR plstr = (LPWSTR)bpString;

What I have tried:

LPWSTR plstr = (LPWSTR)bpString

and also mbstowcs(), but did not succeeded
Updated 18-Feb-16 11:28am
Andreas Gieriet 18-Feb-16 13:36pm    
What means: "did not succeeded"?
What is the (compiler?) error message?
You seem to assume that one takes the time to reverse engineer your problem.
Help us to help you!
ptr_Electron 18-Feb-16 14:21pm    
Thanks for response.. no compilers errors. the line mbstowcs crashes, and also want to do dynamically depending on bpString size, instead of hard coding to 2000
Please advise. Thank you

wchar_t wSStr[2000]; //and also want to do dynamically
mbstowcs(wSStr, (const char*)bpString, bpStringLen+1);
LPWSTR lpwStr = wSStr;
Andreas Gieriet 18-Feb-16 15:03pm    
Have you read mbstowcs - C++ Reference?
What is bpString?
What is bpStringLen? This should be the length of the wSStr array, not of the source buffer.
ptr_Electron 18-Feb-16 15:35pm    
Thank for responce.. but how can find the destination string length, and also could you please advise how to create wchar_t wSStr of dynamic length. Thanks

BYTE *bpString;
wchar_t wSStr[2000]; //and also want to do dynamically
mbstowcs(wSStr, (const char*)bpString, bpStringLen+1);
LPCWSTR lpwStr = wSStr;
Andreas Gieriet 18-Feb-16 17:20pm    
Have you read the documentation as I suggested? It's all there.
Your array of 2000 wchar_t has a length of 2000, so pass these 2000 to the respective parameter. Note that it will not be null-terminated after the conversion (see the documentation)!
You do not give in your code above the source string. Where the heck should the function find the source string from?
I'm a bit puzzled why you cannot figure out the semantics from the description...
PS: Why the cast? A cast is by definition a code smell that needs to be described! Have you tried without the cast to const char*? How is BYTE defined? Does it need to be BYTE? The function is meant to be used with char arrays.

1 solution

Have a look at the code sample provided by the mbstowcs man page[^].
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