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Basically the title, I want the textbox to be green when above 0 and red when below 0

What I have tried:

Tried doing a if statement, apparently doing it wrong.
Updated 23-Feb-16 15:53pm
clwprogrammer 23-Feb-16 21:03pm    
use the keyup event. be sure to convert from a string to an integer or double. then use the if statement to check wether above zero or below zero. dont forget to take into account for a null string.
debashishPaul 23-Feb-16 21:55pm    
How about when the text is pasted with mouse?
m.justice10 23-Feb-16 21:05pm    
I already have all the doubles setup, this is just a small fraction of the code. I am new to C#, what is a KeyUp event? Not familiar with it.
debashishPaul 23-Feb-16 21:56pm    
It is a javascript event...
BillWoodruff 24-Feb-16 0:14am    
The question is ... probably ... about C#, not JavaScript

1 solution

Because texts in the textbox can be copied from somewhere and pasted using the mouse, I would use the following:

$("#TextBoxID").bind('input propertychange', function () {
    var textLen = this.value.length;
    if(textLen > 0)
        //Make it green
        //Make it Red
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