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Hello i'd make a simple calculator example using ANTLR but there is a problem in operations (/,*,-,+) priority my code give them the same priority ,i need to make a top priority for multiplication and division

this is the grammar:

grammar Calc;       

start : expr EOF;

expr:   expr op expr   # binaryOp
|   Num                # num

op : '+'
| '-'
| '/'
| '*'

Num : [0-9]+;

and this is the java code:

import org.antlr.v4.runtime.*;

import org.antlr.v4.runtime.tree.*;

public class Calc{
   public static void main(String args[])throws Exception{

    ANTLRFileStream str = new ANTLRFileStream(args[0]);

    CalcLexer lex = new CalcLexer(str);

    CommonTokenStream tok = new CommonTokenStream(lex);

    CalcParser parser = new CalcParser(tok);

    ParseTree tree = parser.start();

    System.out.println(new MyVisitor().visit(tree)); 

class MyVisitor extends CalcBaseVisitor<Integer>{

  public Integer visitStart(CalcParser.StartContext ctx) { 
   return visit(ctx.expr()); 

 public Integer visitBinaryOp(CalcParser.BinaryOpContext ctx) {
    int lhs = visit(ctx.expr(0));
    int rhs = visit(ctx.expr(1));

    String op = ctx.op().getText();
    int res = 0;   

    if (op.equals("+")){
        res = lhs + rhs;
    }else if (op.equals("-")){
        res = lhs - rhs;
    }else if (op.equals("/")){
        res = lhs / rhs;
    }else if (op.equals("*")){
        res = lhs * rhs;

 return res; 

 public Integer visitNum(CalcParser.NumContext ctx) { 
 return  Integer.parseInt(ctx.Num().getText());



What I have tried:

i've tried to change the code,, cause i want the same grammar

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