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I can attach an event to a WPF button like this:

<Button Click="Button_Click"/>

So why can't I do this:



Just when I thought I was beginning to understand WPF. :(

What I have tried:

Tried searching the internet but I get loads of tutorials on writing my own DependencyProperty code.
Updated 14-Sep-16 3:54am

1 solution

Because the property element syntax[^] only applies to properties, not events. It's primarily intended for cases where you can't represent the property value as a string, so you can't use the attribute syntax[^].

Event handlers can only be specified as the handler method name, so there's no need for an element-syntax equivalent for them. Even if there was, the syntax you've proposed isn't valid XML.

NB: You can bind the button's Command property[^] using the property element syntax, although it's not normally required.
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Patrick Skelton 14-Sep-16 10:08am    
Thank you for a very thorough explanation.

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