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I am doing a POC in ASP.Net for IdP Initiated SSO.
I get logged in successfully with my AD credentials on ADFS login page.
But, on my assertion page, how can I get the SAML response and validate the the user?
I can see the response using developer tool but how can I get it using c#?

What I have tried:

I tried printing the values from SAMLResponse querystring parameter (I found this somewhere after googling. So not sure about how it actually works).

ClaimsPrincipal claimsPrincipal = System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal as ClaimsPrincipal;

Response.Write("Is user Authenticated = " + claimsPrincipal.Identity.IsAuthenticated.ToString());
I get this as : False

Response.Write("   Current Principal  = " + System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal.ToString());

I get this as : System.Security.Principal.GenericPrincipal

string rawSamlData = Request["SAMLResponse"];
Response.Write("Raw data \n");

rawSamlData = HttpUtility.UrlDecode(rawSamlData);
Response.Write("after url decode \n");

// read the base64 encoded bytes
byte[] samlData = Convert.FromBase64String(rawSamlData);
Response.Write("after base 64 \n");

// read back into a UTF string
string samlAssertion = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(samlData);
Response.Write("saml assertion \n");

All I get is some encrypted string. How can I decode it to SAML response and authenticate the user?
James Walsh Jr 7-Aug-21 15:53pm    
Here is the answer to your same question on Stack Overflow.

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