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Good day,

I am wondering if there is an equivalent option to display an image in a TextBox/PasswordBox in Windows Phone 8.1. In Android Development I would simply use "android:drawableLeft="@drawable/image" or "android:drawableStart="@drawable/image".

How can I achieve this in Windows Phone 8.1?

What I have tried:

I used styling to achieve it with a normal Textbox, but that styling does not work with a PasswordBox AND it is over 40 lines of code, making me think that there should definitely be a better option.
Updated 19-Nov-16 23:29pm
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 20-Nov-16 4:33am    
Create the button and add the graphic to it. Note that both of these frameworks have their own design rules, so it would be tough to make them both look alike.
Christopher Smit 20-Nov-16 4:36am    
Thank you for the reply. I am not using a button, I am using a Textbox and Password box. They do not have to look exactly the same, but I just need the image and the textbox/passwordbox as one item. I achieved this with the Textbox, but the same styling cannot be used with a passwordbox, so I need a better route.

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