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#define echopin 11 //set echopin
#define trigpin 12 //set trigpin
#include <servo.h>;
Servo robotArm;
#include <newping.h>
#define MAX_DISTANCE 400
NewPing sonar(trigpin, echopin, MAX_DISTANCE);
int distance;
void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:
  robotArm.attach(9); //attach our servo

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
  robotArm.write(90); //always set to servo 90 to position it to the middle
  //codes of ultrasonic sensor
  if (distance <= 20) //if ultrasonic sensor detects on obstacle less than 20 cm in 90 degree angle
    robotArm.write(0); //dervo rotates at full speed to the right
    robotArm.write(90); //else servo stays at 90 degree angle
  Serial.print(distance); //print distance
  Serial.println("cm"); //print distance unit cm

What I have tried:

I'm working about arduino and HC_SR04. I searced most of documents, but I didnt solve our problem. My question is that how to read a value that is taken from library NewPing. Thanks
Updated 1-Dec-16 1:54am
[no name] 29-Nov-16 19:19pm    
What have you tried? What is not clear here:
hairy_hats 30-Nov-16 7:35am    
For Arduino-specific problems you might be better off asking on the Arduino forums.

1 solution

It is not clear, what you are asking for, but the first point where you should search is in the NewPing documentation.

Tip: for clear code it is state of art to write the headers at top, and than implement and initialize like that:

#include <servo.h>;
#include <newping.h>
//start with constants
#define echopin 11 //set echopin (I hope you know why that value)
#define trigpin 12 //set trigpin (I hope you know why that value)

const int MAX_DISTANCE = 400;//better for type checks
//implement global objects
Servo robotArm;
NewPing sonar(trigpin, echopin, MAX_DISTANCE);
int distance = MAX_DISTANCE;//initialize</newping.h></servo.h>
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