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I have a piece of RTF data that is being sent to my application shown below:

{\fonttbl{\f0 \fnil \fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;}{\f1 \fswiss Tahoma;}}
{\colortbl ;\red0\green0\blue0 ;\red255\green255\blue255 ;}
{\stylesheet{\f1\fs18 Normal;}{\cs1 Default Paragraph Font;}}
{\*\revtbl{Unknown;}{JOE BLOGS;}}
{\info{\doccomm TEST1 TEST1}}\paperw12240\paperh15840\margl1800\margr1800\margt1440\margb1440\headery720\footery720\nogrowautofit\deftab720\formshade\fet4\aendnotes\aftnnrlc\pgbrdrhead\pgbrdrfoot\revisions
\deleted\revauthdel1\revdttmdel1196190643 \{\\Rtf1\\Ansi\\Deff0\{\\Fonttbl\{\\F0\\Fnil\\Fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;\}\}\par \\Viewkind4\\Uc1\\Pard\\Lang2057\\F0\\Fs17 Cup....\\Par\par \}\par\plain\f0\fs17\lang2057\hich\f0\dbch\f0\loch\f0\fs17
\revised\revauth1\revdttm1196190643 hello world \plain\f1\fs18\par

When i convert it to plain text there is still RTF data being displayed.
\{\\Rtf1\\Ansi\\Deff0\{\\Fonttbl\{\\F0\\Fnil\\Fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;\}\}\par \\Viewkind4\\Uc1\\Pard\\Lang2057\\F0\\Fs17 Cup....\\Par\par \}

So how would i detect and remove the necessary RTF data?:
\{\\Rtf1\\Ansi\\Deff0\{\\Fonttbl\{\\F0\\Fnil\\Fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;\}\}\par \\Viewkind4\\Uc1\\Pard\\Lang2057\\F0\\Fs17 Cup....\\Par\par \}

I tried to use rejex but that only detects everything in the RTF block that i have.

I want to remove only the unnecessary RTF data.

Here is the entire RTF block of data:

What I have tried:

I tried to use the following code to try and see if i can remove the unnecessary RTF data but i think having the string specified like this is wrong.

string result = rtfString;
		const string toLookFor = "{\\Rtf1\\Ansi\\Deff0{\\Fonttbl{\\F0\\Fnil\\Fcharset0 Microsoft Sans Serif;}}\n\\Viewkind3\\Uc1\\Pard\\Lang2057\\F0\\Fs17 Cup....\\Par\n}\ntext 3";

            if (IsRichText(rtfString))
					   rtfString = rtfString.replace(toLookFor, "");
                result = rtfString;

        return result;
Updated 10-Jan-17 0:27am

1 solution

With Windows you can use a RichText edit control to convert RTF to plain text (just create it in memory without displaying it and use the appropriate functions to set RTF and get text).

C# example: How to: Convert RTF to Plain Text (C# Programming Guide)[^].

With Linux you can use the unrtf(1) - Linux man page[^] tool or check it's source code.
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Eagle32 13-Jan-17 8:28am    
Thanks for sharing that, my application does not have a UI so i will refer to link you shared.

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