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Should be supported by C#.Net

1. My Data Search would give me output to a Datatable and that would be loaded into Datagrid.
2. User would search from a textbox change event.
3. Database has minimum of 100K rows and 150 columns.
4. Search field can be any of the fields from 150 which varchar and integer datatypes mixed.
5. Has a field of blob which is has a image of 8 KB on each row.

I already have it in Access but my application takes too long and also, hangs up sometime going into Not Responding situation.

Need urgent help please.

What I have tried:

I have tried using multiple type of data queries using data-adapter and data-reader but barely makes any difference.
Updated 4-Mar-17 1:52am
[no name] 4-Mar-17 7:09am    
"Need urgent help please", it's not urgent at all.
"I have tried using multiple type of data queries", not sure how you think that makes this "urgent" or a question. This is called "research" and it's your research to do.
Garth J Lancaster 4-Mar-17 7:19am    
it sounds like you need to optimise your data for searching or make it hierarchical / load-on-demand - we can tell you to use 'any database', but unless the schema is normalised/optimised, it wont make one iota of difference

.. and you dont actually show your schema, indexes etc
Michael_Davies 4-Mar-17 8:09am    
What method are you using to access the database; if you are using ADO recordsets and the .Filter it will be painfully slow, opening a recordset with an SQL query improves the speed dramatically.
kmoorevs 4-Mar-17 13:36pm    
Also, what driver are you using? ODBC are notoriously slow. OLEDB is much faster.

1 solution

There is no "one database" which is better than all the others - it's going to depend on the data, the query, your PC, how you are accessing the database file, what you are doing with the data afterwards, and a host of other factors such as "should this be a multiuser DB?" - none of which we have any idea about because we can't see your screen, access your HDD, or read your mind.

Start by profiling your code to find out where it's slow, and exactly how slow it is: you can do this manually using the Stopwatch class if you don;t have access to a profiler.
When you know what is slow, and how slow it is, you can start thinking about optimising it - but not until then!
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