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Hi All

I have shuffle function with me which shuffles data in an array and I am displaying the array values in a table along column-wise. By an on click event the values in the table has to be shuffled and again they have to be displayed in the table.

Shuffle function code is here

function shuffle()
      var randomNumber;
      var len=this.length-1;
      randomNumber = Math.floor(Math.random()*len);
     // document.write(randomNumber);

      if(randomNumber > len)
                randomNumber =len;

      for(var i =0; i <= randomNumber; i++)

            if(i !=len)
            this[i] = this[i+1];
          temp =this[i];
          this[0]=temp ;


and i have used this shuffle function as below

function autoSpin()
     //var Date.monthNames = new Array('Active','Passive','Bargain','Vegas','Value');
     var shuffleresults= Date.monthNames.join("br<>");
     var len = shuffleresults.rows.length, i;
            if(shuffleresults.rows.length > 0) {
                Date.monthNames[0] = shuffleresults.rows.item[0].Date.monthNames[0];
                Date.monthNames[1] = shuffleresults.rows.item[1].Date.monthNames[1];
                Date.monthNames[2] = shuffleresults.rows.item[2].Date.monthNames[2];
                Date.monthNames[3] = shuffleresults.rows.item[3].Date.monthNames[3];
                Date.monthNames[4] = shuffleresults.rows.item[4].Date.monthNames[4];
                //spinnerId = shuffleresults.rows.item[0].spinnerId;

            document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[0];
            document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[1];
            document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[2];
            document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[3];
            document.getElementById('Date.monthNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.monthNames[4];

      //var Date.dayNames=new Array('LEAPS','Earnings','Economic','Weekly','Daily');
     var shuffleresults1= Date.dayNames.join("<br>");
     var len = shuffleresults1.columns.length, i;
            if(shuffleresults1.columns.length > 0) {

                Date.dayNames[0] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[0].Date.dayNames[0];
                Date.dayNames[1] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[1].Date.dayNames[1];
                Date.dayNames[2] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[2].Date.dayNames[2];
                Date.dayNames[3] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[3].Date.dayNames[3];
                Date.dayNames[4] = shuffleresults1.columns.item[4].Date.dayNames[4];
                //spinnerId = shuffleresults1.columns.item[0].spinnerId;

            document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[0];
            document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[1];
            document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[2];
            document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[3];
            document.getElementById('Date.dayNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.dayNames[4];

//var Date.yearNames=new Array('2$','1$','50 cents','25 cents','5 cents');
     var shuffleresults2= Date.yearNames.join("<br>");
     var len = shuffleresults2.columns.length, i;
            if(shuffleresults2.columns.length > 0) {

                Date.yearNames[0] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[0].Date.yearNames[0];
                Date.yearNames[1] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[1].Date.yearNames[1];
                Date.yearNames[2] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[2].Date.yearNames[2];
                Date.yearNames[3] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[3].Date.yearNames[3];
                Date.yearNames[4] = shuffleresults2.columns.item[4].Date.yearNames[4];
                //spinnerId = shuffleresults2.rows.item[0].spinnerId;

            document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[0]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[0];
            document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[1]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[1];
            document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[2]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[2];
            document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[3]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[3];
            document.getElementById('Date.yearNames[4]').innerHTML = Date.yearNames[4];

For reference please visit the url[^] for the spin button in that application i have used an on click event with function autoSpin() and i have defined the function above.The arrays displayed here are Date.monthNames, Date.dayNames, Date.yearNames please check this one and if you find any errors please revert back to me.

Thanks in advance
Updated 20-Oct-10 1:06am
Dalek Dave 14-Oct-10 9:18am    
Edited for Code Blocks.
[no name] 15-Oct-10 4:51am    
what the hell, wheres your question on how to change data on html page?????????????????
shakil0304003 19-Oct-10 10:51am    
Your question is unclear.
Anurag Gandhi 20-Oct-10 4:41am    
Do you want us to test your code? Or you want to ask some thing in your code. Please make it clear.
thimmappa449 20-Oct-10 5:54am    
thanks for your advice my intention is to test this one and if any errors correct them

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If your intention is to demonstrate some useful functionality, this is the wrong forum.

Please delete it from here and post it in the Tips & Tricks forum. Here[^]
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