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Hii Everyone..
I want to send the select item from a drop down list to the database in mvc.

my only requirement is that how can all the values of drop down list {male, female}
will get save into the database.

I m new to MVC so please suggest me simple way to solve this issue
thnx in advance

What I have tried:

This is View

@{var listItems = new List<SelectListItem>
new SelectListItem {Text="Select Your Gender", Value="1"},
new SelectListItem {Text="Male", Value="2"},
new SelectListItem {Text="Female", Value="3"}


This is My HomeController

public ActionResult Create(Student s)
            Sample dbContext = new Sample();
            var v = dbContext.Students.Add(s);
            return RedirectToAction("GetAllStudent");
Updated 11-Aug-17 3:45am
F-ES Sitecore 11-Aug-17 8:43am    
Only the selected item is included in a form submission so if you want to know what the non-selected values are you'll need to re-create the data yourself. As your list appears to be hard-coded it's fairly easy to work out what the non-selected values are.
Rohit Singh 11-Aug-17 8:49am    
can you please improve my code
F-ES Sitecore 11-Aug-17 8:55am    
You haven't explained what it is you want to do.
Rohit Singh 11-Aug-17 9:01am    
i just want to send the data from drop down list to database..if you can give me any example i'll be very thankful to you

1 solution

From your description it is not clear what you are trying to do. However, considering you are trying to bind some list to dropdown and save selected value to database, refer and try the below.

ASP.Net MVC: Get DropDownList Selected Text and Selected Value in Controller
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Rohit Singh 15-Aug-17 7:54am    
okie.. thnx

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