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i want to set image to leaf node only, but it appears that the non-leaf nodes are set automatically.

What I have tried:

tv.ImageList = images
List<TreeNode> Nodes = tv.GetAllTreeNodes().ToList();
            foreach (TreeNode tn in Nodes)
                if (tn.GetNodeCount(false) != 0)
                    tn.ImageIndex = -1;
                       tn.ImageKey ="myimage";

the leaf node set correctly but there is an image on the non-leaf node as well.
Updated 30-Sep-17 2:43am
Richard MacCutchan 30-Sep-17 4:16am     CRLF
tn.ImageIndex ="myimage"; That will not even compile. TreeNode.ImageIndex is an integer not a string.
855 30-Sep-17 8:42am    
typo should be ImageKey
Richard MacCutchan 30-Sep-17 10:58am    
Then I think you need to use your debugger to see what is happening here. You may also like to ask yourself why you are creating that List<t> when the TreeView already contains the collection of all nodes.
855 30-Sep-17 21:53pm    
it's not a real code in project. i just want to show when the image of non-leaf nodes are set tn.ImageIndex = -1; , a default icon still there and how to remove it.
Richard MacCutchan 1-Oct-17 2:56am    
Then do what I suggest and use your debugger to find out what is happening in this code. We cannot guess what values those variables contain.

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