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I crated an icon in xaml file. Something like
<UserControl x:Class="WpfApp2.access_point"
        <Canvas x:Name="point" xmlns="" xmlns:x="" Width="24" Height="24">
            <Path Data="M4.93,4.93C3.12,6.74 2,9.24 2,12C2,14.76 3.12,17.26 4.93,19.07L6.34,17.66C4.89,16.22 4,14.22 4,12C4,9.79 4.89,7.78 6.34,6.34L4.93,4.93M19.07,4.93L17.66,6.34C19.11,7.78 20,9.79 20,12C20,14.22 19.11,16.22 17.66,17.66L19.07,19.07C20.88,17.26 22,14.76 22,12C22,9.24 20.88,6.74 19.07,4.93M7.76,7.76C6.67,8.85 6,10.35 6,12C6,13.65 6.67,15.15 7.76,16.24L9.17,14.83C8.45,14.11 8,13.11 8,12C8,10.89 8.45,9.89 9.17,9.17L7.76,7.76M16.24,7.76L14.83,9.17C15.55,9.89 16,10.89 16,12C16,13.11 15.55,14.11 14.83,14.83L16.24,16.24C17.33,15.15 18,13.65 18,12C18,10.35 17.33,8.85 16.24,7.76M12,10A2,2 0 0,0 10,12A2,2 0 0,0 12,14A2,2 0 0,0 14,12A2,2 0 0,0 12,10Z" />

Don't worry about the shape. Now I want to reference it in another view in a button. The code is inaccurate but it seems like:
<Button Style="{Binding AStyle}">
     <ContentControl Content=Template="{DynamicResource point}">

My question is the button maybe enabled/disabled at the running time. Disable means it is grayed out. Not sure how to do it?

What I have tried:

Thinking about trigger. But still no clue.
Updated 19-Dec-17 10:33am

The most appropriate way to hook up a button is through a command binding. The command has a CanExecute property that is automatically hooked to the button's IsEnabled property. Depending on what ICommand implementation you use, the code to update the CanExecute can vary.

NOTE: I prefer the PRISM DelegateCommand, but MVVMLight has a popular RelayCommand too.

The other most common way to hook up the disabling is through a binding to the IsEnabled property itself. You can use converters to test whatever condition you want. For example, you can bind to a Count property than hook up a converter that is a IntLessThanTenConverter to return false if the bound Count is ever more than ten.
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can you explain clearly what is your doubt ?

to disable a button dynamically at run time base don your requirement you can use triggers when it is onmouseover using this property you can you can disable it .
another way is you can write it in code behinid.
button.isenabled =false;// here it disables the button

button.isenables=true;//here it enables the bubtton
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Member 12658724 19-Dec-17 7:56am    
I updated the code. Let say if the records reach 10, we can't add new record to the database then we have to disable the button.
saimanisha 20-Dec-17 6:32am    
suppose you make a count of each record
if count > 10 then in the condition you write code for disabling that button.

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