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Hi all

I'm very new to arduino coding and need some help. I have 12 groups of numbers 1's or 0's 48 in each group that I need to send from the arduino into a 595 8bit (6 of them connected in series) making a 48 bit serial shift register and then parallel transfer the 48 bits into 48 D style Flip/Flops.

The D F/F output will be used to turn on selected FET's which are driving coils. the coils inturn will produce a rotating magnetic field. The rotating field induces voltage into a stationary rotor coil which drives loads either AC or DC.

The speed of these dumps should be set by a pot input to arduino.

We have a relay version that produces 1600 watts 139V AC 60hz from an input of 200 Watts. the relay device is now self running.

Anyone that can team up with me will get a free PCB once the design is up and running. if interested send me a short email subject "arduino help"

Capt Gary

What I have tried:

doing research for getting some help
Updated 24-Mar-18 7:33am
Mike Hankey 3-Apr-18 7:38am
The 595 has a latch so no need for the flip flops.
You might have more luck posting this at, an arduino site.

Not that difficult of a problem.

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