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namespace WPFDataBinding
    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public Person Obj { get; set; }
        public MainWindow()
            Obj = new Person();
            List<string> subjects1 = new List<string>();
            List<string> subjects2 = new List<string>();
            Obj.studDetail.Add("Kush", subjects1);
            Obj.studDetail.Add("Yash", subjects2);
            DataContext = this;
        public class Person
            private Dictionary<string, List<string>> StudDetail = new Dictionary<string, List<string>>();
            public Dictionary<string, List<string>> studDetail
                get { return StudDetail; }
                set { StudDetail = value; }
        Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525">
    <ListBox Background="Gray">
        <ItemsControl x:Name="dictionaryItemsControl" ItemsSource="{Binding Person}">
            <Label Content="{Binding Obj}">
                       <Label Name="Sub1" FontSize="30" Content="{Binding studDetail}"
                               Margin="2" Height="Auto" Width="Auto" />

What I have tried:

i made this code but output came out to be---->(Collection)
Updated 18-Jul-18 5:54am

1 solution

The list box won't naturally bind to that type of list as it is multidimensional. You might be able to do something with a DataTemplate for the list box but it wouldn't be easy.

If you structured slightly differently you would be able to get what you want

public class Person
    public string Name { get; set; }

    public List<string> subjects { get; set; } = new List<string>();

    public string SubjectList
            StringBuilder subjects = new StringBuilder();

            foreach (string subject in Subjects)

            return subjects.ToString().TrimEnd(',');

    public override string ToString()
        return $"{Name} - {SubjectList}";

If you have your Person class just holding the details of one person then you can have have a collection of people that your list is bound to

public List<Person> Obj {get; set;}

By default, when the list view comes to display the objects within that collection it will use ToString() to display the text.

You should only something like this to display the information
<ListBox Background="Gray"
               ItemSource="{Binding Obj}/>
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