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1st screen: Login form
initially, i.e for the 1st time it sud take username n password as admin admin n log in.

2nd screen: configuration.
here i have a data grid which will display all the values entered from form 3( add new user screen). i have 4 buttons in this screen. 1.add new user, 2.delete user,3.modify user,4.ok. Data grid will have 2 columns(user name, access level)

*new user button click- form 3(add new user screen ) ll be displayed. here there ll be three text boxes. one for user name, one for password, one for access level.. the user ll unser these details n press ok button in form3. on ok button click, only the user name n access level sub be displayed in the data grid.. but user name, access level n password sud be parallely saved in an array or arraylist.. here the no of users sud be restricted..

*for deleting the user, any row in the datagrid sud be selected n delete button ll be clicked. this deleting the user sud delete the data from the arraylist also.

*to modify the user details, first some row in datagrid sud be selected n on modify user button click, new form, form 4(i.e modify user form ll be displayed). here there will be 5 textboxes. old user name, new user name, old password, new password, confirm password. the old user name sud take the value from the grid when the form4 is displayed. on enetering the other details, the user name in the datagrid, will be modified n displayed with the new user name enetered by the user. along with this, the arraylist also sud be updated..

Note: each time the the user name is enetered from for3 n form4, first it sud be checked in the arraylist for the duplicate.. then the data that is displayed in the datagrid sud be retained..i.e when the application is restarted, the values previously entered sud be displayed in the arraylist.

*on ok button click in form2(configuration form), the array list sud be saved in am xml file.. for 2nd time login, the xml sud be checked for the existance of the user name. if the user name is present in the xml, then the user sud be allowed to log in..

no database, datasource is used.. pls anyone help me to do this
Gonzoox 17-Jan-11 8:07am    
homework perhaps??? what have you tried? is there a particular piece of your code giving you problems?

1 solution

Haven't you got this working yet? :laugh: How to pass data from text box in one form to the datagrid in other form in windows forms using c# .net?????[^]

How far have you got now? We aren't just going to code it all for you, some of your homework you must do yourself!

Edit your question, and explain how far you have got, and what it holding you up.
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