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I would like to know Which programming language is most suited for writing games?
Stephen Hewitt 9-Feb-11 11:04am    
Perhaps we need a "flame war" tag...
Reza Ahmadi 24-Apr-12 15:46pm    

Clickety[^] will give you an idea.

Depending upon your skill you can develop your gaming program.
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For desktop games I would use C++.
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Harrison H 11-Feb-11 11:55am    
For ALL! Me and my buddy have a framework that builds on iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, and Linux. Mind you it takes a lot to abstract everything away, but it's been friggin sweet.
MSDINESH07 2-Aug-11 13:00pm    
I want some desktop games code.
It's probably more the framework than the actual language. Example you have stuff like DirectX which can be used from C++ as well as from C# (managed DirectX). Then there's XNA which can be used from C# or VB.NET. Obviously, if you are targeting Linux, then you have a different set of tools/languages to choose from.
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fjdiewornncalwe 9-Feb-11 10:12am    
+5. My choice as the best answer here.
Nish Nishant 9-Feb-11 10:13am    
Thanks Marcus.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Feb-11 10:54am    
Makes sense, a 5.
Ed Nutting 21-Feb-11 5:50am    
+5. Perfect sense although I would like to point out that DirectX has now been deprecated for C#. The latest versions of VS (i.e. 2010) no longer supports and, which means you have to use XNA...which is fine if all you wanted was a game, but I could kill Microsoft for breaking some of my Media Player programs that used DirectSound.
Dalek Dave 21-Feb-11 6:05am    
Sounds right.
woohooooo what a strange question... You can't tell which language is best for programming games, because it depends on the kind of game you want to develop, the device you want to play on (PC? console? phone? something else?), and so many things! Will you do lots of graphics? 3D stuff? And so on... It is a so huge topic!

I am not an expert in games programming, but first tell us more about your game. And after giving more details, probably a few skilled people will give you pieces of advice.
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depends what kind of game you want to write, if want to write something serious go with C++
but if you just want to write a small game i suggest C# with the XNA Game Frame Work
(i am assuming Windows Platform)

D, Kurt.
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Dalek Dave 21-Feb-11 6:06am    
Small is beautiful and C# is enough.

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