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Hi guys,

Have a quick question for anybody who may be able to offer some assistance or guidance in the right direction. Currently at my place of work we have a windows application I develop and publish to send to one of our clients. The problem is because this application was first publish on a old machine (not mine) whenever it is published from mine, it will publish ok (or seem to) then when it is installed, an installation error will appear.

If the same application is published from the original computer it was published from, no problems what so ever and can be installed and used when / where ever.

We think it may have something to do with company name of the pc or of our visual studios installs? But have no idea why this is happening and how we could possible fix this.

If anyone has encountered a similar problem or knows why this may be happening, any advice would be grateful as it is a lot of un-needed effort to keep publishing from this one machine.

Thanks is advance

Nicholas Caseley - Austin
Updated 9-Mar-11 8:43am
Gonzoox 9-Mar-11 11:40am    
what's the error?, this can be because the dependencies included in the setup can be different in your computer
Monjurul Habib 9-Mar-11 13:50pm    
share your error.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Mar-11 15:00pm    
You don't publish you deploy. What is "published _from_"?! Correctly designed application should run on any machine with pre-installed prerequisites without any problem it is it simply copied in any location (some exclusion apply); at least Microsoft is actively promoting it. If you're not testing is on all major changes you don't really do development.
Apfelmuuus 9-Mar-11 16:49pm    
You've said something about your "visual studio installs"... which versions do you use and do you use projects made by two different versions of VS to build your application? and what does old machine mean... do you use one 32-Bit-System and one 64-Bit or something like this?

1 solution

Hello sorry for the delay in response.

The sequence of events that happens include:

In Solution - Double Clicking on 'Properties' (This will then load properties)
Navigate to the 'Publish' tab (this is the last tab in the properties section
Ensuring that all settings are correct and hitting the 'Publish Now' button.

This then creates the files :

Application Files (folder)
dotnetfx35 (folder)
windowsinstaller3_1 (folder)
Enterprise (name of project)

Upon running setup, the installion starts and appears to install, then the error message appears

"Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor."

And gives the details as listed below

	Windows 			: 6.1.7600.0 (Win32NT)
	Common Language Runtime 	: 4.0.30319.1
	System.Deployment.dll 		: 4.0.30319.1 (RTMRel.030319-0100)
	clr.dll 			: 4.0.30319.1 (RTMRel.030319-0100)
	dfdll.dll 			: 4.0.30319.1 (RTMRel.030319-0100)
	dfshim.dll 			: 4.0.31106.0 (Main.031106-0000)
	Deployment url			: file:///C:/Users/naustin/Desktop/Enterprise%202_0_0_7/Enterprise/publish/Enterprise.application
	Deployment Identity		: Enterprise.application, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=01a0c9b21695b9a9, processorArchitecture=msil
	* Installable application.
	Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the log.
	* Activation of C:\Users\naustin\Desktop\Enterprise 2_0_0_7\Enterprise\publish\Enterprise.application resulted in exception. Following failure messages were detected:
		+ Value does not fall within the expected range.
	No transaction error was detected.
	There were no warnings during this operation.
	* [10/03/2011 12:42:16] : Activation of C:\Users\naustin\Desktop\Enterprise 2_0_0_7\Enterprise\publish\Enterprise.application has started.
	* [10/03/2011 12:42:16] : Processing of deployment manifest has successfully completed.
	Following errors were detected during this operation.
	* [10/03/2011 12:42:16] System.ArgumentException
		- Value does not fall within the expected range.
		- Source: System.Deployment
		- Stack trace:
			at System.Deployment.Application.NativeMethods.CorLaunchApplication(UInt32 hostType, String applicationFullName, Int32 manifestPathsCount, String[] manifestPaths, Int32 activationDataCount, String[] activationData, PROCESS_INFORMATION processInformation)
			at System.Deployment.Application.ComponentStore.ActivateApplication(DefinitionAppId appId, String activationParameter, Boolean useActivationParameter)
			at System.Deployment.Application.SubscriptionStore.ActivateApplication(DefinitionAppId appId, String activationParameter, Boolean useActivationParameter)
			at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.Activate(DefinitionAppId appId, AssemblyManifest appManifest, String activationParameter, Boolean useActivationParameter)
			at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.PerformDeploymentActivation(Uri activationUri, Boolean isShortcut, String textualSubId, String deploymentProviderUrlFromExtension, BrowserSettings browserSettings, String& errorPageUrl)
			at System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationActivator.ActivateDeploymentWorker(Object state)
	* Transaction at [10/03/2011 12:42:16]
		+ System.Deployment.Internal.Isolation.StoreOperationSetDeploymentMetadata
			- Status: Set
			- HRESULT: 0x0
		+ System.Deployment.Internal.Isolation.StoreTransactionOperationType (27)
			- HRESULT: 0x0

I cant give you any more information then that apart from the computer specs, as my colleague is not in the office today i do not have access to his machine, if the problem is not visible from the error log, then i can respond with system specs to see if that is cause the problem.

Is very weird for us as i mentioned before if i do the same publishing method from his machine the installation and running of the application is fine and it starts with no problems on any machine installed.

Thanks in advance

Nick Austin
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Rabbil 7-Jan-13 6:47am    
Please,let me know whether you have corrected your error during this publish as I'm also facing the same problem.

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