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I have writen a program by had been worked lastly but today it dos not work properly.
there are some problems :
1- when the parent form is shown the child form is shown too that it must not be shown.
2- program perform in debug properly but when it is running it dose not work properly.
who can help me ?
Updated 2-Apr-11 10:53am
#realJSOP 1-Apr-11 10:13am    
Nobody can help you because you haven't a) provided any code, or b) told us WHAT your problem is.
walterhevedeich 1-Apr-11 10:19am    
5. I wish this was posted as a solution so I can vote.
Sandeep Mewara 1-Apr-11 11:02am    
Gonzoox 1-Apr-11 11:23am    
my mental powers tell me that the problem is in line 177 of the main class that is executing at that moment, if you need more help let me know, I can clearly see the stack trace :)
Smithers-Jones 1-Apr-11 12:20pm    
It's not working today, because today is April 1st. Please wait till tomorrow and come back, if the problem hasn't solved itself by then. :-)

"It was working but now it isn't"

I'm sure this happens to all of us at some point. A program I wrote to perform some FTP operations started failing recently, nothing had changed in the code - so why did this happen?

I opened my solution and started stepping through the code. Debugging, if you like. When it hit a line that failed, I looked at the Exception in the debugger - it told me all sorts of stuff about why it was going wrong! (turns out there were some security changes on the FTP targets)

Why don't you give this a go? Try and debug your program and see if you can figure out why it no worky.
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Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Apr-11 12:40pm    
Very wise. :-) My 5.

Hey, Dylan, my congratulations with 1st of April!
Did't you see my 1st or April post yet?
Please see this (of course, with my "Answer"):

fjdiewornncalwe 1-Apr-11 17:37pm    
Excellent Idea. If the application has dependencies like databases or other resources, make sure that all of those things are working properly as well. +5
When problems like this arise, the only possible conclusion I can come to is "42".
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Smithers-Jones 1-Apr-11 12:21pm    
And the only possible solution's Liquid Nitrogen. :-)
fjdiewornncalwe 1-Apr-11 17:36pm    
It's a Miracle!!!
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 1-Apr-11 12:37pm    
My 5. It still can be optimized.
What we see it the result of IRCD (see below).

Please see this:

This is urgent. You should use the Answer referenced above today -- this is the last chance!


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