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Hi I have small scheduling system for students in university
This sysem in
I want steps that help and guide me how can I find the available time in each student schedule
Based on the available time I can do the meeting with them
This is a part of the DB structre

Teacher’s table ( this consist of the whole info about them e.g ID,name ,email…)
Student’s table (this consist of the whole info about them e.g ID,name ,level …)
courses( teacher_id,courses name and number,begin_time,end_time,section_no )

hope that is clear
Thanks in advance.
Updated 28-Apr-11 6:49am
Gonzoox 28-Apr-11 14:33pm    
your questions leaves me with a ? in my face... I don't know the structure of your DB, besides if you want someone to do it for you, you need to start talking about $$$, post the code that is giving you the problem and we can take a look at it and help you fixing it, but asking us to do it for you is not free

It really depends on your DB structure. Can you update your post and give some details on that too? Don't post an answer - instead, update your existing question.
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at all 28-Apr-11 12:21pm    
ok,I will post it now
Have the one of the programming course instructors do it for you.

Identifying the problem is half the battle. Designing and implementing a solution should be easy at this point because you're the one familiar witrh your existing code - not us.

It's an interesting problem from a programming perspective, nonetheless. The hard part is determining what chunks of time are available during the day, and if any of them are long enough to conduct the desired meeting. The hole in your plan is assuming that the student isn't somehow otherwise occupied by something other than in-class time (doctor's appointment, sex, running errands, etc). The easiest thing to do is to post your schedule on the web site, and let the student pick a date/time. This lets you specify periods of availability, and forces the student to pick something appropriate for their schedule.
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#realJSOP 28-Apr-11 14:27pm    
No - what you're looking for is for someone to write the code for you. You have no clue as to how to do it yourself, do you?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 28-Apr-11 15:40pm    
Well I read your question again, another time a little later and right now again when I read your preposterous claim of it being clear. I'm very capable of grasping even the most abstract concepts, but your question doesn't quite cut the cake in regard to carrying enough information for us to go on. So please do as was requested of you and add more information and elaborating a bit would surely help.
If you really want help that is.

Thank you for your cooperation!
#realJSOP 28-Apr-11 16:03pm    
My problem? I think you have it a little backwards - you're the person that needs help, not me. It's up to you to communicate your question in such a way as to allow us to help you. there's really nothing we can do for except suggest techniques that you will probably never understand since you're still "just a student".

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