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I'm not sure if this is the right section to post it in. I'm making a VB.NET program (boss' orders). Somebody else is writing stored procedures which gives me an XML file with the data I request. In my application I call the the stored procedure, on the server side we can see the correct XML being sent, but I receive one with empty <root> tags.

Any idea's on what this could be?

To give an idea of the code on my (VB) end:

soapEnvelope = sendRequest(soapEnvelopeWithRequestedParameters, procdureToCall)

soapEnvelope contains the data that I request.
soapEnvelopeWithRequestedParameters contains the parameters the stored procedure needs.
procedureToCall contains the name of the stored procedure that needs to be called.
sendRequest is a function that logs that a stored procedure is called, takes the parameters, does the actual call and returns the received XML file. It doesn't change anything inside the soap objects.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 18-May-11 13:17pm    
Just a note: I would refuse answering any unreasonable questions if this is motivated by a "boss' order". I would answer: let your boss asking us a question.

I don't say your question is unreasonable, I would only say it just lacks important information. But I wanted to warn you about this "boss" motivation: if you use it, many experts would find it offensive. It would mean that we're not talking with the worthy person here. I don't say anything personal about you, I really hope you're a decent person. Just keep in mind: we want to talk to people who are responsible for their decisions, just to avoid wasting our time. Please take it into account as this is for your own good; I hope you don't want to waste your time as well.

KenBonny 19-May-11 1:35am    
I just started as a consultant, enough knowledge to understand that this boss knows what he's talking about. He knows a lot about VB.NET and his framework. Besides a few weird design choices, all the code is very well structured. He's just pro VB for some reason.

1 solution

How do you know that your code doesn't work? Did the other person supply any test results that prove otherwise? In most cases there is a test page that can be used for test purposes. How could the web service creator otherwise know if it is functioning properly? He (or she) must have done some testing and should be able to provide you an example of what was done to test it. It might not be but could tell you enough to solve this problem. My advice would be to get in touch with the developer of the webservice first.

Have a look at "testing the webservice":[^]

Good luck!
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