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Dear Sir

now if i have table1 with following data

CarID CarName
100 BMW
200 Lancer
300 JEEP

and i have another table2

PriceID CarID Price Date
auto inc
now i want a datagridview with following shape (CarID & CarName will not be entered it will filled from table1 by somehow)

CarID CarName PriceID Price Date

now i want to be able to enter new data in the datagrid
so for example

CarID CarName PriceID Price Date
100 BMW autogen 500K$ 1/6/2011
200 Lancer " 100k$ 2/6/2011
300 Jeep " 200K$ 10/6/2011
100 BMW autogen 510K$ 1/7/2011
200 Lancer " 130k$ 20/7/2011
300 Jeep " 240K$ 30/7/2011

so after saving tabel should no change at all but table2 should be updated

PriceID CarID Price Date
autogen 100 500K$ 1/6/2011
" 200 100k$ 2/6/2011
" 300 200K$ 10/6/2011
" 100 510K$ 1/7/2011
" 200 130k$ 20/7/2011
" 300 240K$ 30/7/2011

so how can i made that??

i don't want a complete code i want just some tips
i don't know how to make the datagridview read from two tables but update only one of them
i know how to make the datagrid read from two tables using select join
but when it update how to make it update one of them
Updated 20-Jul-11 2:41am

1 solution

Personally, I think that your database tables don't really do what you are trying to do. I notice that every BMW (or Jeep) will have the same Car ID, and I am sure this is not what you meant. I would structure my tables something like this:

CarMake<br />
<br />
CarMakeID int(AI)<br />
CarMake varchar<br />
<br />
Car<br />
<br />
CarID int(AI)<br />
CarMakeID int(Foreign key to CarMakeID)<br />
Price decimal<br />
Date datetime

Then i would create a class for each type CarMake and Car, something along these lines

class CarMake
        int carID;
        string carMake;
    class Car
        int carID;
        int carMakeID;
        decimal Price;
        DateTime date;

        public void InsertCar()
           "INSERT INTO Cars(carMakeID, Price, Date) VALUES etc"


That way when you add a new vehicle you can just call the Insert method.

Hope this helps

Then when you add
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