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Hello Friends!!

Actually i got a VC++ project from "Research in Motion" which is used to Connect Blackberry with PC. There are two Programs First is in C++ and Second is in JDE.

I'm working on C++ program and i modified that program a lot and It was working good till i was Transferring Text or Strings. But Now i have to Transfer Binary data(Byte Array) but when my program is to execute "Send" Function than "exe" break and shows the Error Message:

"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information."

The where exe is breaking is:
HRESULT result = _channel->WritePacket((unsigned char*)buf, lenght);

(This Function was Predefined in the program; It is not written by me)
(Here "buf" is the byte array which i passed it to this function and "length" is the length of the bytearray)

I really don't know Can
Function work with ByteArray(Binary Data)??
But I ampretty sure It works well with Simple Text.

I Don't know What to do know???
I am using MVS2008 on Windows XP SP3.
I also Searched this Error on MSDN; They were providing me a HotFix but that was for Windows XP SP2 only. :(

Thank You all in Advance :)

Naveen Kumar Dushila
Updated 9-Sep-11 20:54pm
Paul M Watt 10-Sep-11 2:36am    
When you write string buffers to the channel are they NULL terminated?
How large of a binary buffer are you sending?
Richard MacCutchan 10-Sep-11 3:59am    
Check that your length parameter is correct in that it specifies the exact number of bytes in the buffer. As to whether this function can correctly handle a byte array, only the original developers could answer that question.

1 solution

This error can be because of your bite array length. otherwise if length is correct ,you can try as go to Property->Configuration Property->c/c++ and make Runtime Library as Multi-threaded Debug (/MTd)

i got same problem in my exe on 64bit operating system.
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