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I Overrided Equal(Object obj) in a Class for example Student class for removing an item from a list box when I entered the name and family of a student in textBoxes after that my Add method didn't work. why it happened?

Student s = new student();;;

above code didn't work when I overrided Equals(Object obj) For removing items from listBox.

Updated 4-Jan-12 4:21am
Richard MacCutchan 4-Jan-12 10:22am
What does "didn't work" mean?
Mike Hankey 4-Jan-12 10:26am
You also need to add the overridden Equals code.
Please make a (minimalistic) code sample showing all the relevant code and manifests the problem.
fjdiewornncalwe 4-Jan-12 15:05pm
Could you show the Equals override, please. If your change to that caused the problem, then we need to see it in order to help you.
GParkings 14-Feb-12 7:15am
did you also override the GetHashCode method?, you should have, .. post that code up as well

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